My Finals Thoughts

Reflection Numero Uno: Emotional and Responsive Website

When looking over my website’s design, I believe that it comes off of as a very simplistic display that can be quick to understand once audiences take time to view all the pages. While I did have some worry at first about not being able to add a lot more of the ideas in mind, I do believe that the current set up that the website has does have it’s attractiveness due to the fact that this is an accessible piece of work that I am able to share with potential employers. Being able to spend a large amount of time working on this web site, it contain a design that embodies potential that can be seen and possibly used to benefit them within any projects or assignments that they could feel I would be essential for. I believe that when going further in depth with the design of the professional site, it’s gives of a sense of organizations and credible set up of how I want to be approached as an individual. The main intention that I had for the website would be to show that while I may not necessarily be the complete package, I’m completely ready to work and learn to the best of my ability so that not only can I complete the task at hand, I can also be prepared to take on another assignment similar to this the next time I’m offered it. When comparing my current website set up to the sketches, I think, for the purpose of the time provided for completing the pages, I did have to modify some of my plans in order to have some materials prepared to be displayed online. There’s definitely still some technique and codes that I still have some confusion about, but luckily that’s where the Internet and fellow Web design peers have managed to be able to help me when possible. I do feel that the potential of going off-script from the sketches that I did have for my website almost went completely out of the window due to the fact that my mind was (and still is) continually changing what I pictured for the pages. As I began to gain a better understanding of what functions were able to successfully perform what, I stepped away from the original plans and adjusted to what I did believe was necessary. If I could potentially make my website a little more emotional and response, I wish that I had more sample material to be able to insert into the code. I don’t necessarily apply that to anything within the class, but realistically my own. Along with that, I wish I would be able to have a little more adjusted room for photos to be included into the page. Just need to take some more time to be able to grow my documents of experience in order to be displayed. Overall, I do feel that this website was properly formatted to everything which was necessary and will convey the thoughts and emotions that should connect the community.

Reflection Two: My Progress in Class

When evaluating my progress from the first assignment of the semester to the end of semester, I can definitely say there’s been some form of evolution of my craft with regards to coding. Going back to when I started the coding process and having to work on the first assignment of the semester, I felt a strong sense of frustration with this entire process. I can recall the sense of concern and sadness that came onto my face when Bill told the whole class to get rid of the WordPress functions initially, knowing that we’d have to code from scratch and seeming very concerned in my mind. With or without previous coding experience, building a webpage from scratch in HTML and CSS is never the easiest to complete. It’s takes a lot of focus, a keen sense of detail (based off of the fact that one small error can affect everything), and lots and lots of patience. One of the success I have that comes to mind with regards to designing a page would be to attempt to try incorporate new elements into the website that weren’t necessarily incorporated into the class plans. Being that risk-taking is one of the important values to be considered by everyone throughout the course, I do believe that this played a huge role with certain elements of my page (i.e. check out those slideshows that I coded in my portfolio page without using any Java program). I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to try and attempt something that may not necessarily be covered within the classroom. Bill will present a lot of information, but that doesn’t necessarily meant I had to stick what exactly in the class. It’s better to try and get help versus not doing anything at all. In terms of what changes I would make if I had some more time to be able to work on the website, I’d ideally would attempt to find out more ways to be able to work into making more of a unique an eye-grabbing background color within the website. Colors has been a major issue of mine throughout the entire semester, as I’ve attempted various combinations that didn’t end up necessarily becoming the best for purposes of attempting to be appealing to audiences. In the end, we have the current setup we see: a white background with a darkish blue text (a tealish background being the headers). Based off of what I’ve completed at the semester with this website, I feel that I’ve completed the majority of goals, and there’s still a few things I’m still a bit more curious about. One of the things that I would’ve wished to gain a better grasp on is potentially the variety of widgets that could be used for various purposes (such as social media). I know that the Internet is a great resource, but it also would be able to help to have an instructor be able to give some recommendations and explain how to be able incorporate everything properly.