My Thought's on the Resume Process

Reflection NUmber One: Writing in Coding

When it comes to the process of writing and coding a web page, it’s truly challenged the way that I’ve traditionally thought about what material I’ve written due to absolute necessity of having a keen eye to detail. Each specific part of the website is broken down by specific code, coming from the color of text displayed to the location on the page. It’s given me a greater in-depth analysis of being consider of what I want to be able to show about myself not only through my own eyes, but through the eyes of any individual or group who may stroll on my page (especially if it’s for a potential client or employer who may want to see what exactly I’m working on right now/have worked on previously). Based off of my previous experience of working within various capacities, I can say that while writing in print is not an easy task, writing for the web definitely is a way bigger deal than the other. It’s more than what the context of the material being presented, but how it’s going to appear when put on a screen. This whole coding process really takes an opportunity to bring into the process of continuing to make a well developed product when the coding has finished. It’s so complicated when getting everything to work at first that it’s can become absolutely frustrated and test the patience of every individual who would attempt. When looking over time with the designing of this process, I feel that I’ve gained a better understanding of what exactly should be considered in order to be accommodating different groups of people and any potential disabilities they could be affected by. It’s give more motivation to be able to work on everything and become more inclusive of all backgrounds. Sure, every little detail may take a long amount of time to be able to adjust to your liking, but once it’s achieved, it makes you feel so amazing about completing everything. Regardless if it’s too complex, it gets you to the point where you can grasp it and will get you to the point where can handle everything on your own. It’s just a large amount of trial and error until perfection.

Reflection Two: My Progress in Class

Overall, while this isn’t necessarily a perfection, I do believe that this project was a major success for what was expected out of current display on the website as of now. It’s really has been able to section off my actual resume into different sections. This was pretty much a better opportunity to be creative with how I would like to have my resume displayed to other format excluding the generic black-and-white one I’ve continually use to this day. The biggest success that I have found with working on this resume page would be the ability to keep it simplistic as possible. One of the major issues that I confronted going into the page was the idea of maintaining visuals that would be catching the eye while also not overcomplicating the entire design to the point that people will turn away form them. I do feel simplistic designs can have a major impact, so attempting to maintain that mindset while going through the process of coding. Another notable success that came from this would be spreading out the entirety of the text within two columns using the float code, which I feel was something of major importance to me with regards of organization of all the displayed text on the screen. Being able to set a divider amongst the personal statement and the remainder of my resume was something served a breath of relief and generated some excitement. If there was one thing that I wish I could’ve walked away doing better in regards to my resume, it would be that I wish I could divided up my sections a little bit more than two sections. While the two columns setup was a great start, I would’ve really loved to break it down more. Like for example, I would’ve started the top of my page off first by having the personal statement on it’s on first, and then place two columns below it, splitting the leadership experience and work experience with each other. I know we were achieving this with our stacking exercises, and I was hoping to see this more translated in the coding process, whether it may have been apart of the class material or something of my own personal research.